10 Tips for Managing Pet Costs Without Skimping on Care

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7. Score bargains at discount and warehouse stores. Buy litter, leashes, bowls, beds and toys at major discount chains instead of pet supply stores or pet boutiques. Estimated savings: $150.

8. Build your own cat tree. Cats need to scratch to hone their claws, but carpet-covered feline furniture can cost up to $250. Make your own for a few dollars, using scrap wood, carpet remnants and sisal rope.

9. Create pet alliances. Team up with pet-loving neighbors and friends by sharing premium food purchased in bulk, serving as one another’s pet sitter and trading talents. If you are a hair stylist, offer to swap hair cuts for a veterinarian’s family for your pet’s annual exam or needed vaccinations.

10. Purchase pet insurance. Pets can get ill or injured, so prepare for the unexpected. It is less expensive to purchase insurance when your pets are young. Check policies, but most typically cover 80% of surgical procedures. You can also sock away a specific amount each month for pet care in a savings account.

Bonus tip: Book twice-a-year wellness exams with your vet. You are more apt to catch diseases early—or prevent them—before they turn into costly conditions to treat. Source: neamb

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