10 Weird-Looking Paintings You Won’t Believe Were Sold For Millions

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Before we carry on to what might ruffle a few unwanted feathers, let me put out a disclaimer. We get that art is subjective, and my shit might seems golden to the elite few. But trying to be devoid any emotion with this little piece, we feel like modern art has taken a dump. An epic level one. What I’m trying to say is if you saw this at a garage sale, you’d first laugh at it, and then get pissed off.

Here are questionable looking works of art that were sold for millions.

1. Untitled by Cy Twombly – ₹468.3 Crore

2. Orange, Red, Yellow by Mark Rothko – ₹583.1 Crore

3. Interchanged by Willem de Kooning – ₹2,013 Crore

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