11 World Famous Paintings with Unusual Names

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The American Gothic

The American Gothic by Grant Wood
The American Gothic by Grant Wood

This painting, ‘The American Gothic’, became quite famous for many reasons. Its unique name might be one among them. The artist behind this painting is Grant Wood, an American artist.

This painting was completed in the year 1930 and is the most famous work by Wood. The artist is well known for his abilities to capture life in the neighborhood onto the canvas and this is exactly what he has done here.

No.5, 1948

No.5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock
No.5, 1948 by Jackson Pollock

It is a famous painting by artist Jackson Pollock, who started the real trend in drip painting. With this unique style of painting, Pollock became popular.

‘No.5, 1948’ is a large 8 x 4ft long oil of fiberboard painting.  A few years back, the painting fetched a whooping $140 million in a private sale.

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