13 Carpet Cleaning Tips We Bet You Don’t Know

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If you’ve got carpets, you’re going to want to read this article. In it, we’ve compiled all the best information about keeping your carpets clean, fresh and looking their best. We’ve got advice for hair, for stains, and for long-term maintenance, just waiting here for you to take advantage of it.

Hair & Crud

1. Lint Roller Rocks

There are some instance where it doesn’t seem to matter how hard or how regularly you have run the vacuum over your carpets, some things just won’t move. This might be hair, pet hair or even crumbs that your vacuum just isn’t picking up. You have to remember that vacuums don’t really clean the fibres effectively, particularly when those carpets are long-haired ones. The solution? A lint roller, along with some attention to detail, should sort that out.

2. Squeegee For Pets 

Pets and carpets are far from the best of friends, and anyone with a pet will know just how difficult it can be to remove pet hair with a vacuum cleaner. Well, there is another solution. Get yourself a squeegee, of the variety you’d use to clean your windows, instead. This hack is most effective on short-haired carpets, and the rubber blade allows you to dislodge and pull up every single hair on your floors.

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