35+Ways to Add Storage to Every Room

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Mudroom Bench

Messy, wet rain-soaked umbrellas and raincoats can warp hardwood floors and stain your best rugs. You need a stopping area just inside the door where everyone can leave the weather behind.
This handsome entry hall built-in, made of plywood, shelf panels, and layered moldings, is the perfect catchall, complete with an open top shelf, coat hooks, and flip-top bench storage—sure to make your house more welcoming, even while protecting it from wear and tear.

Create a catchall with How to Build a Mudroom Bench for step-by-step instructions.

Storage Ottoman

The ottoman has many uses, serving as extra seating, a foot rest, or even a coffee table when a tray is placed on top. Versions with under-lid storage, like this handsome example, are the perfect place to stash blankets or store books. Customize the upholstery to fit your household decor or needs: stain resistant for pets and children, or suede for a lusher feel. And vary the height and style of the off-the-rack legs to complement existing furniture.

The customizable storage options are endless when you Build a Storage Ottoman.

Countertop Wine Rack

If you’ve shopped for a small wine rack and felt uninspired, we’re with you. Wire models feel cheap; Tinker Toy–like wood options look rickety. What’s a vino lover to do? Here, a wood planter and plywood was transformed into a simple wine rack that takes up little counter or table space. Even better: You can put it together in less time than it takes to cook a festive meal. And that’s something to drink to.

Make a Wine Rack from a Planter Box for shelf-free fun.

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