35+Ways to Add Storage to Every Room

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Wall-Hung TV Cabinet

Want to cleverly conceal that large flat-screen television you installed front and center? You can! Hide it behind a handsome cabinet fitted with bifold doors, as we did here. With a simple frame and doors cut down from a single bifold closet door, this cabinet is easy to assemble and costs far less than its store-bought counterparts.

Protect a prized flat-screen with a Wall-Hung TV Cabinet.

Garden Bench with Hidden Storage

An outdoor bench makes a convenient place to plop down while you remove muddy boots. You’ll rest even easier knowing it can store a garden hose (or two) and other less-than-attractive supplies.
You can build one from weather-resistant cedar or ipe. A lift up the seat and a floor made a galvanized metal screen allows water to escape, so you don’t have to worry about storing a hose before it drains. The angled backrest, with its decorative curve, adds to the inviting aesthetic of a piece that’s as handsome as it is handy.

Unsightly lawn and garden supplies find a nice home in this Bench With Hidden Storage.

Knee-Wall Dresser

You can convert hidden, unused spaces into valuable storage areas. Here, you’ll recess a chest of drawers into the knee wall of an upstairs bedroom. You’ll gain a full-size, eight-drawer chest without sacrificing a single square inch of floor space.

Get all the dresser storage without the floor space when you Install Knee-Wall Storage.

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