Training tips for your dog

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A well trained dog is a pleasure to own and a valued part of the family. Ideally your dog’s training should start as early as possible, as puppies learn very quickly and are yet to learn bad habits. However it is never too late to learn and you will find that even old dogs can learn new tricks!

Reward based training

We recommend reward based training, a method which is based on the proven theory that if an animal is rewarded for a behaviour, the behaviour is more likely to be repeated. The reward can be anything that your dog perceives to be a reward including food, toys, praise, attention and play.

When commencing training, food rewards are recommended as they are usually more powerful and produce faster results than praise or patting alone. Food rewards should be very small in size and varied to avoid your dog becoming bored or distracted. Once a behaviour has been learnt, food rewards can gradually be replaced by verbal and physical praise.

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